"The recipes I loved were giving me the finger": Adapting to my child's life-threatening food allergies as a foodie

I am a foodie. I love food. Cooking is rarely a chore for me. Then a year ago, life dropped a bomb smack where it hurts the most for me: My five-year-old suddenly developed a severe life-threatening allergic reaction to eggs. It affected me deeply. Personally. Not just as a concerned mom, but this allergy took one of my greatest passions and prevented me from indulging. So we developed a pact that helped us both get through this together…


My mother walked out of my life and never looked back: How to move on from parental abandonment

I always get irrationally angry when people post pictures on Facebook with captions like, "A Mother's Love is Forever," and "Nothing Is Stronger Than The Bond Between Mother and Child." What a bunch of bullshit. My mother walked out of my life years ago, and never looked back. So how do I deal with it? How does one cope with the loss of a parent not to death, but by parental abandonment? Like this…


In praise of the "Weird Moms"

We've all seen it: tenacious and spectacular women — those whom Kerouac would call The Mad Ones — rounding their edges after their children were born, getting lost in chasing small beasts around with rags and screaming their burning questions about the status of little hands; are they washed or not?! Those of us who occupy the role of Weird Mom have a very difficult job cut out for us…


We are the future: Our post-millenial, Pagan, LGBT, polyamorous family

This is what our healthy family looks like, our core family that is. It Extends, because that little boy there holding a mask over his head has never ever known what the rest of the country lives like. Add to that most of us are gay, bi, or polyamorous. This means, when one of us has a child we have to definitely "redefine family."


"You should wait to have kids": How do you deal with the parenting naysayer

One thing I've been so curious about as a newlywed person is "baby advice" — and not the "when are you having a baby" question, but actually the exact opposite. My husband and I have had numerous family members (with children) tell us we should wait ten years for kids of our own. I'm wondering about how other Homies are dealing with the parenting naysayers. Are other couples are dealing with the shaming around becoming parents along with the pressure to procreate after getting married?