Three-panel, dandelion wall art that lights up!

September 18 | Guest post by Jessie Frazier

I love this idea from Jessie Frazier, who uploaded her three-panal light-up DIY dandelion art project to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool.

Check out how she created this luminous artwork in just four steps…


Phase one of my dandelion project, re-purposing three previously painted canvases with navy blue acrylic paint. (Note the trash bags taped to the walls and floor of my "studio" aka dining room.)


Phase two: my dandelion design gets a fun green stem!


Phase three: white fuzz and seeds! I ended up with too many seeds, so some were omitted before the project was finished.


The grand finale! I stabbed some holes with a screw driver and backlit the canvases with 100 mini string lights (which were a bear to get to lay flat behind the canvas).

If you have a DIY art project that you're proud of/think would provide some inspiration to the Homies, don't forget to upload it to our Flickr pool! We all wanna see.

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  1. Thank you so much! This gave me a wonderful idea of how to add some wall art to my boys Star Wars room; a light up space battle scene! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. This is gorgeous, and so effective!!
    Trying to think of an idea that I can do the same effect with

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  3. Are the white fuzz and seeds just painted on or did you use actual seeds and fuzz?

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    • The seeds and fuzz are painted on. Normally when I want to create the effect similar to that of the dandelion itself I will use a big horsehair looking paintbrush. You can also use a smaller paintbrush tip with just a tiny amount of paint, continuously dabbing brush up and down. The great thing about using acrylic paint is that you can paint over it again and again until you get it just how you like it.

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    • You can just barely see the cord where it hangs down to plug in. I plan to just get a cord cover at home depot and paint it the same color as the wall so it blends in.

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    • I would suggest to read the life expectancy of the lights. Get led they omit no heat. And ever so often remove the frames and inspect the lights for damage or burnt out bulbs. I'd say as long as you don't leave them on past what is directed for the spicific lights your fine.

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    • I would suggest to read the life expectancy of the lights. Get led they omit no heat. And ever so often remove the frames and inspect the lights for damage. as long as you don't leave them on past what is directed for the spicific lights your fine.

      • led lights with batteries… they have a timer. i think they are on for 12 hours and off for 12. and no cord hanging down. they are not 100 bulbs, but same effect

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  4. I wonder how this would turn out with glow in the dark paint for kids who don't use an actual night light. Cute idea though.

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    • I think what you think are gold metallic frames are actually some light filtering through from behind the canvases, or perhaps peeking out of an edge – she did say they were a bear to flatten down in back. One string of 100 lights would string across the backs of all 3 canvases.

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  5. I love the dandelion art especially with the evening look. Very sweet, thanks for sharing.

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  6. Did you use dandelion fuzz and seeds? If so, what type of glue did you use to attach them? I saw that this question had been asked previously, but I couldn't find where it had been answered.

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  7. but the tissue don't get burned by lights? I mean I'm scared lights heat could set fire to the canvas, could it be possible? :/

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  8. I love this concept!! I was wondering what painting technique you used to dabble on the white fuzz to the dandelion? I tried enlarging the pic to see but i couldn't. I didn't know if you used small brush strokes or used a sponge. Thank you!

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  9. Did you secure the lights on the back of the canvas with tape of some sort? I'm curious if that would help with the installation of the lights somehow… I'd like to give this project a try! Thanks for the how-to! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  10. Great idea!! How about using fiber optic cable? My hubby used a bunch and poked holes in a laminated map we have to pin point all the places we've been. It uses battery power. And works really well.

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  11. Using rope lights would work well too. With the thick plastic coating there would be less chance of a fire risk.

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  12. I've made similar canvas signs with this technique, but have trouble getting the string of lights to stay on the canvas. Hot glue works, but is messy. What is everyone else using? I've tried all kinds of tapes, without much success.
    Thanks for sharing!

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