SO MUCH PINK: Mr. Bubble-themed bathroom

Guestpost by Jenni on Jan 15th

8110146250_b5af0f48c3_b-1Memories of my childhood include long, long bubble baths with Mr. Bubble and my color-changing Hot Wheels.

I always wanted a pink Mr. Bubble bathroom when I moved out of my parents house, so here it is…

IMG_0075[1]EVERYTHING is pink, including the shower curtain, toilet brush and garbage can.

8110126897_522714c66b_c-1My mom found the patent for Mr. Bubble on Ebay, and I had it framed.

8110138925_d4b0615e65_c-1My mom also found these knobs.

8110141725_e14981ab97_c-1Most of the toys are from when I was a kid, including the vintage soap-on-a-rope, and bath toys.

It's Mr. Bubble time!

It's Mr. Bubble time!

This is just a taste of all the toys in our house, though!

Okay, fess up. Who else has an awesome themed bathroom or room of any kind that you've been scheming since childhood?

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