Hutches make great rat houses

By on Jan 9th

Rat CabinetOffbeat Homie and frequent contributor Allison just turned a thrift store hutch into a house for her rats! I think this is genius, and so do her adorable pet rats. I wish I had thought of this idea for our sweet little Ratchops, may she rest in peace. But if YOU have pet rats, you'll want to check out this veritable rat palace.

To see the complete make-over story, with tips on how you can make this deluxe rat house yourself, you'll have to head over to the Mod Mishief blog

If you want to read up on keeping rats as pets (which I highly recommend!), head over to this Offbeat Home post.

Have YOU made an awesome DIY project for your pets? Or do you have an unusual pet? We want to hear about it!

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