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Netflix and chill, plus 6 more reasons why you should have a pet rat

Have you wanted a pet, but weren’t sure you had the time to care for a dog? Or maybe you don’t know if you want the 15 year commitment of a cat. Fish are great, and easy, but they don’t do much. Ferrets are cool, but they may not be legal where you live. Frogs are cute, but they can’t cuddle while you watch Netflix. The solution is rats. And before you say, “Ew!” keep reading.

Why we love the mummified rat in our wall

Apparently, the contractor hired to renovate our place was a little kooky, and so is the landlady. We found out just HOW kooky they are when we started talking to our landlady about pets, and mentioned that we’d had two Dumbo rats before. That’s when she got so excited to show us the mummified rat on display in our wall.

Hutches make great rat houses

Offbeat Homie and frequent contributor Allison just turned a thrift store hutch into a house for her rats! If YOU have pet rats, you’ll want to check out this veritable rat palace, and perhaps get inspired to make one yourself.

How I lost my battle to remove rats humanely and became a rodent murderess

A veterinary clinic is full of people who don’t want to kill animals, but when it became clear we weren’t deterring the rats, we had to step up our game.

Rats: cuddly and sociable and not a bit creepy

If you’re any sort of animal liker, you’ll be totally won over by Rachael’s description of fancy rats. Soft, small and sociable? I see an uptick in rat adoptions after this post.