Great idea: Frame your earrings and hang 'em on the wall

Here is yet another brilliant idea in the way of jewelry storage. This one comes from Jane, a Homie over on Maui. She did the whole "kill two birds" thing with this project — she needed a place to store her earrings, but she also wanted to put some kind of art up in her bathroom. So she grabbed a cool frame and some cross stitch fabric and BOOM!: The earring frame.

To make your own earring frame, Jane tells me that all you need is a frame and cross-stitch fabric. So that means this can be achieved with ANY frame — small colorful ones in a grouping, big crazy and ornate ones, or even Tim Burton-eque puffy ones! Easy and awesome.

  1. Wow, she has some wicked awesome earrings…
    Keep in mind homies – cross stitch fabric can be found in different colors too – this has blue lines, but you can get creme or pink or I've even seen some pastel plaids!

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  2. I have the same thing, but I used a thick wooden frame, and added finishing names to the bottom to hang necklaces from.

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  3. I don't have a picture right now, but I hang my earrings on the rungs of an abacus I bought years ago and had no other use for. I don't have a lot of dangly earrings, though.
    I also hang my necklaces on my wall, inside two frames painted to match my mirror and dresser. It gives it a sort of three-panel vanity look without the expensive part.

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  4. I have done this. It is easy, it is awesome, it is convenient! No more digging through jewelry box drawers, or trying to remember, do I have a pair of earrings like that? Does this earring have a mate in another drawer, or did I just lose it. I used a poster-sized frame so that I can leave some space between my earrings. It's also allowed me to noticed that hmmm, apparently I don't have enough earrings :)

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  5. I did this too. Except I made my frame because I couldn't find one I liked and I used chicken wire instead of fabric. I also painted it green :) I hang all my jewellery on it not just earings.

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  6. Super great idea! If you can't splurge on a super-cool frame, I say pick up a simple one and do some cross-stitch of your own on the frame if you can. It's deceptively simple, requires very little monetary investment, and it's fun! You can add a little border very easily.

    Also, plastic canvas would work as well, and that comes in a million colors too.

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  7. I love this idea is so cute I can't wait to put it in my apartment!

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