Three-panel, dandelion wall art that lights up!

Guestpost by Jessie Frazier on Sep 18th

I love this idea from Jessie Frazier, who uploaded her three-panal light-up DIY dandelion art project to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool. Check out how she created this luminous artwork in just four steps! -Megan

DSC01559Phase one of my dandelion project, re-purposing three previously painted canvases with navy blue acrylic paint. (Note the trash bags taped to the walls and floor of my "studio" aka dining room.)

DSC01560Phase two: my dandelion design gets a fun green stem!

DSC01561Phase three: white fuzz and seeds! I ended up with too many seeds, so some were omitted before the project was finished.

DSC01564The grand finale! I stabbed some holes with a screw driver and backlit the canvases with 100 mini string lights (which were a bear to get to lay flat behind the canvas).

If you have a DIY art project that you're proud of/think would provide some inspiration to the Homies, don't forget to upload it to our Flickr pool! We all wanna see.