My guy works for the circus, so we live in an RV and travel to a new place every week

Guestpost by Emily Fleck on May 14th


Here's our family (minus the cats) in the bathroom mirror. We (plus three cats) live full time in an RV, traveling the country. Welcome to our home!

IMG_3756Like any owned space, our RV is a constant work-in-progress.

This is the first time in my adult life that I'm not renting my space, and it's thrilling to demolish and tinker to my heart's content. What I'm showing you today is a collection of pictures I took over last winter and early this spring — we've made no major overhauls so far but have big plans (including installing a washing machine and a kegerator, as well as painting the interior and retooling the dinette). For now, though, this is home, and I really love it. It's cozy and frankly, bigger than our shoebox in Toronto. How about that?

I always crave outdoor space, and I have a tendency to keep the awning out all the time — even when it's too windy.


Here's the dinette. I sometimes work at home, but I usually go to a coffeeshop for better internet and no baby distractions.


To me, living fulltime in an RV is no different than living in a city apartment. Vertical storage is super-necessary. We hang our hats above the slideout in the living area.


I loathe overhead lights. So I installed strings of lights on the slideout.

Here's the bedroom at night. Our son Kai loves the strings of lights at the head of the bed. We call them "the stars."


More stars:


The big cats have figured out how to open the screen door, so we only open the main door when one or both of us is supervising. Here's Axelle, doing some supervision of her own:


Many of our fellow RV-dwellers have dogs. Only one other person keeps cats, and it's pretty easy to see why: the litter box. We have three cats traveling with us, and we're struggling a bit with how to handle the excrement situation.


One of the best things about being in a new place every week is how the light changes. If we change latitude enough, it's totally noticeable (to a geography nerd like me, at least).


Built-in entertainment center. It's baseball season; time to order the satellite service! Sadly, our only real viable option for internet is a 4G hotspot wifi transmitter. Pretty decent service, but not sufficient for my usual consumption of baseball via online radio broadcasts.


Our kitchen! Notice the hanging rope baskets for produce and magnetized tins for spices.


We have a basic fifth-wheel model and have just one slideout (most newer and/or nicer RVs have three or more!) It's awesome for giving us some floor space.


Full-time RVing isn't for everyone, but we really love it and I think the lifestyle suits us long-term. Ben's job with the circus provides daycare and schooling for our little guy in addition to fuel reimbursements (a huge deal, as our fuel cost per month is more than was rent for our last few apartments in Toronto and Philadelphia). We have a few scattered possessions (mostly books and furniture) in storage at the moment, and I miss being able to use some of my prettier and heavier kitchen implements (like the Kitchen Aid mixer…there's no place for one of those in an RV). Additionally, a few of our more delicate items have already fared poorly due to our constant traveling, mostly the special beer glasses. *sob*

Thanks for touring our home! Can't wait to show you the improvements we make!

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