True Adventures in Better Homes and Gardens

April 25 |

Photographer Nadine Boughton mashes up illustrations '50s men's adventure magazines with pages from '50s Better Homes and Gardens to make thrilling scenes of animal attacks and daring escapades.

Images courtesy Nadine Boughton.

I am so jealous I didn't have this idea first.

Laughing Squid and Nadine Boughton

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  1. Where can we buy prints of these? I would love to have one!

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    • She's going to start selling prints! I emailed her to ask. (Her email address is on her website.) She told me she'll let me know once prints are available; if you email her, she'll probably do the same for you.

      • Way to be self-motivated! I'll email her to so OBH can help spread the news.

  2. Cool! This stuff reminds me of the collage work a neighbor of mine does. You can see some here I know he used to sell prints, but what's so cool about the originals is that, in this day of photoshop, you can actually look closely and see the lines from where the magazine cut outs were put together.

  3. Love! The sailor in the bathtub! Lost and battling bats in the bedroom! My living room is in a sexy spy aquarium thriller!

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