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By on Apr 4th

Kiel Mead: Threat Sticks — photography Kendall Mills

This month American Design Club opened the "Threat" show based on this simple prompt: You've just heard something in the other room. What would you want to grab to defend yourself?

Honestly, I've been thinking a LOT about this since I've started living alone. I tend to be more prone to planning escapes than other people — when shit goes down, I immediately spring into action. WHO NEEDS FIRST AID? YOU! CALL 911.

This is to say, when I hear an unfamiliar noise coming from another part of the house — and I'm sure it's not a cat — I grab my phone and plan a path to the door as soon as my ears perk up. You'd think I could rely on one of the cats to perk up in the event of danger since they come wake me up if one of them barfs in the middle of the night but NO THEY ARE ALWAYS SLEEPING.

When I get REALLY spooked and decide the situation demands action, I grab a t-square or a heavy clay vase or a can of spray paint (all actual "weapons" I've grabbed) and tiptoe closer for a better listen.

Responding to that middle-of-the-night creeping paranoia, designers participating in Threat created pretty weapons and multi-tasking decor to defend homes from intruders.

Like the in case vase:

Sara Ebert: In Case Vase

Use it for YEARS as a vase, and it'll still be there to crank some baddie over the head when you need it.

Jason Neufeld: Molotov Cocktail Lamp

The Molotov Cocktail Lamp is BEAUTIFUL! It would come in handy in many situations — use it like a hurricane lantern when the power goes out — and maybe when the day comes that the power goes out for good you've got a loaded molotov cocktail to scare off marauding bandits.

Reed Wilson: Defensemat


The Principals: Bat Rack

Swing the bat rack into a wall and let it stick where it hits — you can use it as a coat rack until the time comes to yank the bat back out of the wall and use it to repel invaders.

Object Trust: Take What You Want

If weapons aren't your thing, you can slip the "Take What You Want" bag over your head, sit quietly, enjoy the beachy photos inside, and hope for the best.

What was that noise outside? Quick! What do you grab?

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