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How can we weatherize our drafty busted-ass house without using plastic?

By on Dec 14th

Stephanie poses a question.

Photo by Tiberiu Ana. Used under Creative Commons license.

How can we weatherize our drafty busted-ass house without using plastic?

…Because we're using plastic right now, but, you know. IT'S PLASTIC, which we aren't the biggest fans of. We can't use insulating curtains because they trap dust, and my husband (who has asthma) is hella allergic to dust AND curtains make the room dark, which we also don't want. The only other idea we can come up with is putting rugs on the wall, but… rugs are expensive, and winters in Alabama aren't so harsh that the cost is justifiable.

We're renting the house (and moving out at the end of March! GLORY TO ALL THINGS THAT ARE GLORIOUS), so we're not too concerned about a permanent solution — just something that will get us through January and February without being plastic-y.

Our ideas start and end with draft busters — also great for soundproofing your cement studio apartment, FYI.

Other than that, how have y'all kept your busted-ass homes warm?

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