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By on Nov 29th

We are obsessed with street art. Big-name street artists have been in hugely successful art films (okay, so as successful as art films can get) and have brands. But it's so exciting because anyone can do it.

There is almost no barrier to entry. You don't have to buy paints, you don't have to get in trouble, you don't have to have an amazing idea, and nobody even needs to know who you are. And it's really, really, really fun to make something — even if all you did was trace a skull on a sticker and slap it on a fire hydrant. Making things is totally an addictive cycle.

So if you are among the uninitiated, consider me your street art candy man. The well of street art is deep, and goes into much more involved, expensive, and/or dangerous places, but today I've got three easy starter projects you can just Save As, Print, and post — or grab a magic marker and a sheet of A5 and replicate.

My friend Darby found this on her campus last week:

The Black Knight

Click here to go directly to Derek's page for the downloadable.

And here: this sign is also available as a simple Photoshop template

So you can make it say whatever you'd like.

Got one saved in your documents? Make one today? Swap your flyers in the comments.

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