Tricks and treats: Make Star Wars Ouija boards and apple cinnamon vodka

By on Oct 17th

Let's get in the Halloween spirit with a look at two awesome photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr group

First the tricky…

Reina's Star Wars Board!
Haplesschyld had a make your own spirit board party. Reina hand-freaking-painted this Star Wars spirit board. I wonder what kind of dark forces she'll be calling down with this baby. (Get it? "Forces." Ahahahahaha!)

  • For a full tutorial on how you can throw your own Ouija board-making party, head over here.

Then the treaty…

Apple Cinnamon Vodka
Ali is working on making deeeeeelicious-sounding apple cider vodka. She explained, "After getting sick of making apple sauce and apple butter, I made apple cinnamon vodka. These will make great holiday gifts!"

  • For a full tutorial on how you can make your own vodka treats, head over here!

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