Scott Pilgrim cross-stitch: I’m in lesbians with you!

Guestpost by Renee on Sep 7th

My husband is a pretty silly guy. One of his favorite movies of all time is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. After he got it on Bluray, he became like a Scott Pilgrim evangelist. Anyone that stepped foot in our house who hadn't seen the movie was persuaded to watch it. I only kinda minded — I love the movie too! If you're one of the few people on the planet that hasn't seen this movie, yet, you may not get this joke:

This is what I made for Alex for Valentine's Day. If anyone is thinking "Valentine's Day?" yeaaaaah, I know. I just finished it last week. Procrastinate? Me? Ha!

I made the pattern based off the pixel art from the video game for the movie. (On a side note, the game is ALSO really fun!) I changed a couple of colors on Ramona and the hair color on Scott to be a little more representative of Alex and myself. Although if we could fly through the air for an epic kiss, I'm pretty sure it would end up with a couple of bloody noses and black eyes. I'm not exactly graceful. Or coordinated.

Oh well! Anyway! Happy (belated) Valentine's Day, people!