Bright yellow, book-filled living room accented with art and religious iconography

Guestpost by Christey on May 16th

We moved into our home February 1st and I have been working on getting each room just right.

We are a family of six and we all love books. I tend to use them as decor, but they get more use out of just being books. Even in the day and age of electronic books, we come back to the same physical books over and over — so they're the perfect centerpiece for our living room.

Besides my two sons' rooms, the only room I finally have completed is our new yellow living room.

We mostly finished this room before we fully moved in. I wanted a comfortable space that the whole family could relax in to avoid the chaos of moving.

This room was designed around the books, obviously, but also a couple key items like the original painting next to the TV, and my photos of the family — since I'm a photographer.

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