How to fit a family of four into a 500-square foot apartment

By on Apr 21st

I've written before about how my son's bedroom is a converted walk-in closet, so I'm always super inspired to see how other families are make small urban homes work. Here's a video about a growing family of four, who are making their 47 square meter (505 sq ft) apartment work for them:

I love that, despite the minimal space, they've hosted a Christmas party AND have room for a small guest to stay over. The commitment to entertaining guests and family even within the limitations of a smaller space is super inspiring. There are times when I miss having a guest room for visiting friends (thankfully, most of our visitors are ok with a toddler who wakes at 7am and promptly demands sitting in a lap to read some books), but Marta and her Barcelona home remind me that having company doesn't have to be extravagant. Guests don't need their own bathroom and a guestbed with a welcome gift waiting on the pillow.

(Via Fair Companies and the Tiny House Blog, my destination for all wee-living inspiration)