Monday Montage: erotic art and all-concrete bathrooms

By on Feb 28th

Welcome to the first post-full-launch Monday Montage on Offbeat Home! Last week we opened the doors to a trickle of registered beta users, and you helped us get even more geared up for going live. I'm ready to roll, are you? Here are some house-porny photos just for all y'all.

rainbow door

Some people have rainbow flags. This beautiful rainbow door is my favorite thing this week. Photo by zappowbang, used under Creative Commons license.


Can you spot the boobie painting from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool from pjcommunists?

One tiny flat with one massive clock - do you think it's too big?

Annabel Vita added this shot to the Flickr pool: 'One tiny flat with one massive clock. Do you think it's too big?' NO. Too amazing.

Abandoned Concrete Round House

This is a concrete round house which was built in 1973 in Ohio and quickly abandoned. CHALLENGE: Who wants to move in and make a nest? Photo from Don O'Brien, used under Creative Commons license.

Blue Bathroom

TOTALLY OGLING this amazing tile job in a photo from Bill Bradford. Tiles on the countertop? Tiles which match throughout, but differentiating with a pattern shift? Brilliant.

Concrete Sink and Tub in Bathroom #2

My father-in-law is a mason and concrete expert, so this poured concrete tub/sink combo from Jeremy Levine caught my eye pretty quickly. Photo used under Creative Commons license.

Bucking Bronco sink

I went on a 50s house rampage on Flickr this weekend, looking for inspiration for my own pad. HOW AMAZING is this kitschy-ugly-awesome cowboy tile? Photo by Mary-Francis Main. Used under Creative Commons license.

Asteroids on the ceiling!

What a simple ceiling enhancement. Really well-done Asteroids install on the ceiling. From Blake Patterson, used under Creative Commons license.

The Kitchen Sink, Mill Rose Inn's cozy kitchen, Half Moon Bay, California, USA

That is all I can say about this. Photo by Wonderlane, used under Creative Commons license.

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