How effective is placement on Offbeat Home & Life? Here’s the word from a few of our happy advertising clients…

“We had some fabulous results. We saw an almost 10% increase in our orders, and an 11% increase in our sales numbers the day of, with a nice trickle down afterwards. Offbeat Home & Life readers always send the best notes too – today we received an actual sonnet in our inbox!” – Liora Dudar, Overtone, overtone.co
“Well, THAT went well. Within a few hours of my sponsored post going up, I’d already gotten enough orders to make back the money I spent on the ad. Everything else is just gravy!” – Meagan Moore
I am thrilled with our success in advertising with Offbeat Home & Life. We spent $20 on a banner ad, and got over $700 in orders. -Shannon Knapp, Milwaukee Blacksmith
Advertising on Offbeat Home was a great experience for TurningArt. The write-up by the staff was excellent, and the traffic and user engagement were phenomenal. And most importantly, at the end of the day our we saw a positive return on our spend. We couldn’t be happier.
-Jason Gracilieri, TurningArt
These outgoing orders made possible in part by placement on Offbeat Home & Life.

After my ad ran, overnight my pageviews went up by over 100%, I was featured by several other blogs, and more than made up the price in sales. I HIGHLY recommend it: I’ve already convinced several artist friends to give Offbeat ads a try. The photo below is my shipping day shortly after placement on Offbeat Home & Life– these are ALL Offbeat Home & Life orders from my Advertorial!
-Amanda Barr, No Tengo Miedo Clay

I was pleasantly surprised to see a print order waiting for me in my inbox last night. The buyer lives in Virginia and I didn’t recognize her name, so I was curious how she found my site. So I asked her as part of my thank you email.

Setting aside the extremely flattering portions of her reply (blush!), the buyer mentioned that she’d seen my work on Offbeat Home & Life. She clicked on the link, ordered my Sacred Heart of Tony print and plans to hang it in her kitchen… which I think is an absolutely STELLAR place for it!

HUGE thanks to Offbeat Home & Life for providing such a marvelous and unique spot in the ether for offbeat folks to share their offbeat spaces! -Chris Roberts, Dead Clown Art

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