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I’m an accidental stay-at-home mom, and I want to hear your success stories

I think I’m going to be an accidental stay at home mom! I would really like to hear any tips from offbeat stay at home parents about making it through the day without losing your (highly educated, formerly highly valued) mind. Most of what I seem to be able to find online doesn’t resonate with me as full time parenting isn’t necessarily my calling. I’m struggling with the monotony of cooking, cleaning, crafts, walks, library etc, and I’ve only been at it for four months!

What happens if you move to another country while pregnant?

My husband and I had THE TALK a couple nights ago, and came to the realization that this year is THE YEAR: we’re going to try this baby-making thing! But there is a kicker, and it’s not a little one — we have a move to Europe in the works this Fall for his studies.

Why I’m saying no to maternity leave

Now that my husband and I are expecting, of course the issue of maternity leave has come up. I think I initially just thought that a standard 12-weeks would be assumed. I have so many friends who wish they had more, who would tell me “after the baby comes, you won’t want to go back to work!” And I tried to believe that. Really, I did. The problem was that I never, ever felt that way.

How did having children change your career path?

I am coming to the end of my maternity leave with no job to return to, as I was in a contract position that is now over. Realizing that childcare is expensive, we need more income to survive, and that the economy sucks and doesn’t support my chosen field of expertise, I am examining new options.

When do you need to cut back on physically demanding tasks during pregnancy?

I am a female mechanic, and I’m pregnant. Although my doctor has told me my body will let me know when I need to cut back on the heavy lifting, I’d like a better idea of when to expect that.

I’m pregnant and looking for a job — how do I deal with pregnancy discrimination?

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for several months, and in a burst of the kind of irony that seems to fill my life, succeeded exactly on the night before I lost my job. How can I convince interviewers that I’m worth the risk even though I’ll need 12 weeks off in the first year they have me on board?

Is it even possible to decline my work’s baby shower?

I work in a small corporate office and we celebrate birthdays and things, including baby showers. I don’t want a baby shower thrown for me for the sake of being consistent by my co-workers who complained about me, and my family and friends are both planning two already; this would also be a bit superfluous.

In which we all give Licia Ronzulli and her two-year-old a virtual thumbs up

Wouldn’t it be interesting/awesome/so helpful if children could be integrated into the workplace? I totally understand that bringing your kid(s) to work everyday isn’t ideal for some people and/or workplaces, but for those who would want to — Licia Ronzulli may be your favorite person. She’s an Italian MEP (Member of the European Parliament) who made waves two years ago when she brought her infant daughter to work with her. If you heard of her then, you may not realize that she’s continued to bring her daughter to work since then — and there are photos to prove it.