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Help! I need alternative office furniture for my home office

This is my first time working primarily from home and I am loving the flexibility. But I HATE working at a desk! I love working on couches, but I can’t leave my stuff all over the living room all the time. Do you have any advice for alternative office furniture that will allow me to spread both my work and myself out without killing my productivity or sleep?

Keep yourself from going stir-crazy when you work from home

Working from home is practically the new American dream. Everyone I know wants to do it, and everyone I know says they envy my ability to set my own hours, pick my own clients, and work in my pajamas (or naked!) any time I feel like it. What’s less obvious is that working from home can be a huge stressor sometimes. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself from losing your mind as a stir-crazy freelancer. Here’s just a few of the ways I keep myself sane on a daily basis…

Earning extra income at home by doing laundry

There are a lot of articles and blogs out there about making money from home, most of these are targeted at stay at home moms and include things like, “Get a job as a virtual assistant” or, “Sell your handmade goods through an Etsy shop.” These are great ideas, and I am sure they work for a lot of people, but in my experience with this a lot more time is spent scouring the interwebs for opportunities than actually generating any income. What I have found works best for me is low tech and old fashioned. I wash clothes and I bake bread.

The low-down on floor desks

OMG y’all! Look who popped her awesome head back into Offbeat Home & Life to share some of her old school offbeat home goodness — it’s Cat Rocketship! She’s giving us the low down on floor desks.

Blending work, home, and marriage: How to work with your spouse

I finally finished my PhD and found myself at a loose end. My husband Jamie was wrapping up his own project and he made a proposal: why not work on an iPad word game idea together? So in a week we had a working prototype and we thought hey, this could work; we can always quit if it doesn’t. That first week of working together gradually became months as our daily lives melded work, home, and marriage. Along the way I learned a few things, through trial and error, that made working with a spouse easier…

Is quitting your day job to own your own small business worth the risk?

I am a nurse and have been doing that for about four years. But I had to quit my job out of sheer exhaustion. I love to cook. I had started to look into a small business that I can run out of my home kitchen. I am 100% sure I can do this, but my question is… is it worth the risk? Has anyone else had this sort of complete career change and succeeded?