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Earning extra income at home by doing laundry

There are a lot of articles and blogs out there about making money from home, most of these are targeted at stay at home moms and include things like, “Get a job as a virtual assistant” or, “Sell your handmade goods through an Etsy shop.” These are great ideas, and I am sure they work for a lot of people, but in my experience with this a lot more time is spent scouring the interwebs for opportunities than actually generating any income. What I have found works best for me is low tech and old fashioned. I wash clothes and I bake bread.

The low-down on floor desks

OMG y’all! Look who popped her awesome head back into Offbeat Home & Life to share some of her old school offbeat home goodness — it’s Cat Rocketship! She’s giving us the low down on floor desks.

Blending work, home, and marriage: How to work with your spouse

I finally finished my PhD and found myself at a loose end. My husband Jamie was wrapping up his own project and he made a proposal: why not work on an iPad word game idea together? So in a week we had a working prototype and we thought hey, this could work; we can always quit if it doesn’t. That first week of working together gradually became months as our daily lives melded work, home, and marriage. Along the way I learned a few things, through trial and error, that made working with a spouse easier…

Is quitting your day job to own your own small business worth the risk?

I am a nurse and have been doing that for about four years. But I had to quit my job out of sheer exhaustion. I love to cook. I had started to look into a small business that I can run out of my home kitchen. I am 100% sure I can do this, but my question is… is it worth the risk? Has anyone else had this sort of complete career change and succeeded?

10 healthy, brain-stimulating “at work”-outs you can do at your desk

I know, I know, you’re too busy to exercise. You’ve got obligations, family to attend to, and not to mention that full-time job (that you may be at right now!). You’re stuck behind a desk most of the day, so suiting up to go to the gym just ain’t happening. Okay then, why not get a little exercise right there at work? Here are seven exercises and three stretches that you can do right now at your desk.

On the other side of the door: What it’s like to be an apartment manager

I have been fortunate enough to work from home for the past two years. I currently work as an apartment manager for my apartment complex. While I love my job, and no matter how much insane shit I deal with every day, I would never trade it for the world. That being said, there are times when it sucks to be an apartment manager…

Why I consider “homemaker” one of my jobs

I’ve always heard the term “homemaker” applied to people who don’t do anything else, a PC term for “unemployed and not looking.” If you had another job, no matter what it was, that was how you identified yourself. But I’m an editor and a homemaker, and I’m proud of both of those jobs.

Productivity hack: The internet kill switch

As a writer, I’m at my laptop pretty much all the time. Sadly, that means the siren call of the internet is loud and constant. The urge to stop what I’m doing “just for a second” to check Facebook or news headlines or “research” something on Wikipedia for the next several hours is substantial. I figured the best way to combat this — other than developing a stronger will to not goof off — was to get rid of the internet when I didn’t need it. Thus, the internet kill switch was born.