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Make water balloon piñatas for a warm weather party

When hot weather strikes, water balloons are awesome, especially when you’re having a drought (like a lot of us in the U.S.) and don’t have the water to fill up a pool or turn on the sprinklers. But even more fun: hanging them up like piñatas!

Always be prepared: How much water do I need to keep on hand in case of emergency?

If disaster strikes tonight, if Godzilla comes down your street, crushing the pavement, ripping up water lines and making travel difficult, will you be prepared? Part of running a household means making contingency plans. How will you stay safe and healthy in case of natural disaster, monster infestation, disease outbreak, service interruption, alien invasion, civil unrest, or war?

Drink local for Fluid Friday: take the water from your tap instead of buying it in stores

More than half of all Americans drink bottled water; about a third of the public consumes it regularly. Sales have tripled in the past 10 years, to about $4 billion a year. This sales bonanza has been fueled by ubiquitous ads picturing towering mountains, pristine glaciers, and crystal-clear springs nestled in untouched forests yielding absolutely pure water.

But does bottled water live up to the hype and, more importantly, is it worth the waste?

What’s the least water-intensive way to hand-wash my dishes?

How do you conserve water in your houses/apartments? Specifically, I’m most interested in the eco-friendliest, most water conservation-minded way to wash dishes without a dishwasher?