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How I failed at making rainbow slime and ended up with ’80s-themed goop instead

I recently found what I believed would be a SUPER simple tutorial for making your own rainbow slime with glue, liquid starch, and food coloring. You may recall that I’m somewhat DIY challenged, so I must have still been riding the high I achieved last month with my shiny leaf art on Offbeat Home. I was all, “Rainbow slime? I’VE GOT THIS.”

A Merry Prankster-inspired bus birthday cake that looks so bad it’s good

My son has spent the better part of his almost three years on the planet totally head over heels for any kind of vehicle that has wheels and can move. Cars, trucks, bicycles, and… buses. So last year for his second birthday I set out to create something perfect, sweet, and wondrous: a bus cake.

Let’s talk about making your own not-so-perfect crayons

Imagine my surprise when I come downstairs one night to find that my husband, who is so far Pinterest-free, has embarked on his own crayon-making adventure. He basically took all of our son’s broken and worn down crayons of similar shades, melted them, stuck them in the fridge, and VOILA: new crayons were born.