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I thought I lost my faith until I found it in my kids

It happened when I was 18. I was going to an all-girls Catholic college, and one morning — a particularly chilly late-autumn morning in Massachusetts — I looked up at the chapel, and I couldn’t feel him. He was gone. It took a bit of adjusting. For 18 years I’d believed in him. To just stop, well, it was jarring.

We live in a one bedroom apartment and we’re about to have twins: help?!

We are very excited to find out that our little bundle of joy is in fact two! But now that I’m into my second trimester I’m finally over the morning sickness long enough to think about how this is all going to work. We live in a one bedroom condo, and I’m not sure how to make it work with two babies.

My husband and I expanded our family by placing our twins for adoption

My twins are eleven days old, and they’re so beautiful I can barely look at them. I’m wildly, deeply in love with them, feeling all the feelings I felt when my older two daughters were born. In spite of these feelings (and, paradoxically, because of them), my husband and I chose not to raise these girls ourselves, instead placing them with an adoptive family.

7 ways we’re saving money for daycare

I’d heard all of these rumors about children being expensive, but I didn’t really believe them. We’d been parents for nearly a year and managed just fine with a limited amount of penny squeezing thanks to the extra money I’d saved while we were pregnant to allow for extra cash during my maternity leave — and then the sucker punch came. We realized just how much daycare is going to cost us for infant category twins, and I’ll just say this: it’s a LOT.

Finding happiness in the unexpected serenity of new parenthood

I’m new to it all — breastfeeding, changing diapers, not sleeping through the night because every cough and rumble makes me jump. I feel pretty inept at all of it. Happiness, I guess by its nature, is a fragile kind of thing — poised on some sort of ledge ready to go either way.

Planning quality date time with your partner… and your kids

My husband and I recently realized that even though we do manage to get out and away from our kids once a week, the time is usually spent with our friends — not together. We decided to come up with a few economical solutions to give us a “date” when we feel that we haven’t had enough couple time. As a part of this solution we’ve found the ideal couple to double date with — our kids.

How can we tactfully have a long-distance baby shower?

We’re moving out of state and most of our friends are spread out all over the United States, but we’d still love to involve them in a baby shower. Is it possible to tactfully have a long-distance party to celebrate the impending arrival of our twins?

Whoa: we had a surprise twin double-breech roadside vaginal birth after Cesarean

I was measuring consistently ahead in fundal height early on and just before the mid-point of my pregnancy my midwife referred me to an obstetrician to have an ultrasound (we’d not planned on having any) to rule out twins, fibroids, excess amniotic fluid, or any other complications. At the ultrasound, we were told there was one baby, no fibroids, and no excess fluid — the doctor said I simply had “a large uterus.” So we went with that as confirmation.