I thought I lost my faith until I found it in my kids

It happened when I was 18. I was going to an all-girls Catholic college, and one morning — a particularly chilly late-autumn morning in Massachusetts — I looked up at the chapel, and I couldn't feel him. He was gone. It took a bit of adjusting. For 18 years I'd believed in him. To just stop, well, it was jarring.


My husband and I expanded our family by placing our twins for adoption

My twins are eleven days old, and they're so beautiful I can barely look at them. I'm wildly, deeply in love with them, feeling all the feelings I felt when my older two daughters were born. In spite of these feelings (and, paradoxically, because of them), my husband and I chose not to raise these girls ourselves, instead placing them with an adoptive family.


7 ways we're saving money for daycare

I'd heard all of these rumors about children being expensive, but I didn't really believe them. We'd been parents for nearly a year and managed just fine with a limited amount of penny squeezing thanks to the extra money I'd saved while we were pregnant to allow for extra cash during my maternity leave — and then the sucker punch came. We realized just how much daycare is going to cost us for infant category twins, and I'll just say this: it's a LOT.

Finding happiness in the unexpected serenity of new parenthood

I'm new to it all — breastfeeding, changing diapers, not sleeping through the night because every cough and rumble makes me jump. I feel pretty inept at all of it. Happiness, I guess by its nature, is a fragile kind of thing — poised on some sort of ledge ready to go either way.

Planning quality date time with your partner… and your kids

My husband and I recently realized that even though we do manage to get out and away from our kids once a week, the time is usually spent with our friends — not together. We decided to come up with a few economical solutions to give us a "date" when we feel that we haven't had enough couple time. As a part of this solution we've found the ideal couple to double date with — our kids.