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I’m Mrs. Breadwinner, he’s Mr Stay at Home Dad, and in 2017 that shouldn’t feel weird

My husband stays at home all day to care for our daughter. He’s also responsible for most of the cooking and cleaning. While I make the big bucks. Even around Boston, stay at home dads are rare. And it’s sad that stay at home dads are rare.

How “part-time parenthood” works for us

The upside of this situation is that we found out that my husband IS the better stay at home parent. This could be because he really didn’t enjoy his “on call” job very much, or it could be that he hasn’t spent the last 10 months 24/7 with a little baby happily suckling his nipples, but he is happier at home, gets more done than I ever did, and our baby is happier camper for him. Instead of me waiting for him to get home at question mark o’clock from his crummy job, he knows I will be back at lunch time for breastfeeding, then at 4:30 on the dot for more breastfeeding. We get supper on the table together, take a walk as a family, then both tackle bedtime together. Sometimes we even have time for sex.

Stay-at-home-dads, breadwinner moms, and making it all work

Stay-at-home-dads are slowly making a cultural creep into relevance: we’re seeing more dads who either by choice or circumstance are finding themselves happily keeping up the homestead while their partners work outside the home. Here’s a recent piece from NPR with more.

Don’t Call Him Mom, or an Imbecile — dads want ads that don’t make them look stupid

The Dad 2.0 Summit was recently held in Houston, TX, and a large portion of the event focused on the relationship between advertisers and dads — or the lack thereof. Fathers are staying at home in increasing numbers, and according to this NY Times piece, many of them are tired of being treated by advertisers as if they’re not up to task.

Down in Dad’s Shop: a second generation stay-at-home-dad’s reflections on childhood

I grew up with an understanding of manual labor that the children of those who work with their hands often receive: as rewarding as it might be, it is awfully hard on your back. My dad would come in from his barn at night, primer dust in his hair and streaks of paint on his shirt and we knew better than to complain about our days.

It’s a Mommy’s world — exposing Dadscrimination

Have you ever judged a dad who hangs at the playground or brings his kid to story time? Let’s put the kibosh on it already.

Post-It Notes: an interview with the stay-at-home dad behind “Message With A Bottle”

Chris Illuminati, the stay-at-home dad behind Message With a Bottle, uses Post-It notes to remind himself of the joys and pitfalls of parenting.

Notes from a stay at home dad in the trenches

It’s 8:15am, and I am the only male shopper at Target. Inside my cart is a bottle of Pinot Grigio, a 36-pack of Tampax Pearls, a tube of St. Ives Apricot Scrub and three packs of Purex Complete 3-in-1 because, you know, it was on sale. I am wearing the same shirt I slept in. Also a hat.