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Space Invaders

Neatorama to make your home way more fun-orama

It started with this tentacle doorstop. It made the rounds on the interwebs a little while ago and of COURSE I flagged it for my Homies. But then I decided to explore what ELSE Neatorama had to offer for the Home. And I was pleasantly surprised.

There’s stuff for nerds, goths, nature-lovers, and the zombie-obsessed. Here are just a few of my favorite Neatorama home goodies.

A New Zealand dorm gets invaded

It was always one of my boyfriend’s dreams to be an RA. He signed up this year and the first years move in this weekend, so we got to decorating.

Floor themes used to only consist of RA’s sticking up printed posters on doors, but, as it was a competition we decided to lift the game 500%. Hope the kids like it!

LOOK LOOK LOOK: two cool Space Invaders-themed pieces of furniture for your nerd nest

Feeling the 8-bit interior design inspiration that’s been floating around the web? Get in here now — these two pieces are going to knock your Super Mario socks off.

Space Invaders and Tetris on the walls of a pink and green video game apartment

Forthesun has the best landlords ever — they helped turn a new apartment into a gamer-perfect rental. Get your inspo on and dig the bright video game walls.