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My partner and I speak and sign five languages and are trying to raise multilingual children

As a child of immigrants I ended up bilingual pretty much by default. My parents are from Taiwan and China, so I grew up speaking Mandarin Chinese with them and speaking English with my older sister and at school. Although I dreaded going to Chinese School on Sundays as a child, by the time I left for college I recognized the benefits of being bilingual and I knew even then that I would want my future children to be the same.

How baby sign language is giving my toddler a sense of confidence and independence

Every time Lio signs for the dog, or puts two signs together — like “dog” and “water,” then points at the dog’s dish to indicate it’s time to complete his chore for the day — I just melt. Or when he signs “please” and “shoes,” then sits down so I can take his shoes off before hopping up to scuttle off to try on a pair of dad’s sneakers? That’s baby gold, right there.

Why we did baby sign language (and how I’d suggest you do it differently)

We did baby sign language classes with Seattle’s Visually Speaking, and it was awesome! Here are my tips on what I did wrong signing with Tavi.