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Help me, Homies: My slovenly roommates attract bugs which I’m powerless to stop

Some of my roommates have been, let’s say, not so good with cleaning sometimes. So the bugs came. We rarely see them during the day, but they’re EVERYWHERE at night. Turning on the light, I usually have to stifle my instinctive scream. HELP. ME.

How I survived The Castle — a party house with eight other roommates

Our house was so well-known that I was once informed of my own party by strangers. You can bet I have ideas about surviving a party house.

How do I get my new college roommate in the loop about my anxiety and depression?

Juliana is returning to school time away to tend to problematic anxiety. What does she need to tell her new roommate?

When one of your roommates is a newborn

Mamacita, her husband, and baby girl share a house with two roommates. What’s it like?

Becca & Adam’s folk art-heavy rock pad

Offbeat intern Becca is our first Home Tour featuree — she lives with her husband and sister in a rock ‘n’ roll flat nestled in an amazingly diverse neighborhood in Queens. My favorite part? The nudie pics in the bathroom.

7 tips to build community at home

I was trepidatious when my shared household came to be me, my fiancé, my cousin, his partner and seven animals, but these tips help us create a harmonious life together.

Raising an infant in a multi-person household

Mamacita and her husband share a house with their baby, three other adults, and a variety of animals, and this kind of village works for them!

It truly does take a village: polyamorous parenting and creating space for children

If you find yourself suddenly hosting a new child or two, making a new bedroom can be a challenge. Here’s an example of how to do it inexpensively and swiftly.