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Solar Roof Shopping? Things You Should Know

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in Massachusetts, green is the new black. The state continues to offer rebates and special deals for folks who decide to put solar paneling on their roofs to help the environment. But as I learned, it’s not one-size-fits-all shopping. Here are some things to keep in mind…

Roofing materials that are recycled, better looking, and easier on your budget

Our home needs a new roof. It’s been asphalt shingling, and it’s fine, but if I can manage to keep it in budget I’d much rather use a greener material. Or even just a cheaper material. Or something that looks nice! Really, I guess I want to jazz my roof UP!

Building a tiny house/sleep shed for the backyard of our cooperative

This year I decided I wanted to build my own tiny house after being inspired by many other examples such as Tumbleweed. It’s 150 square feet, uses passive solar heating, has an earthen floor and a green roof, and I built it (almost) entirely by myself as an addition to my cooperative home.

A Gaudi-inspired sparkly art nouveau summer house

This is the story of the Russian-style summer house I crafted in my backyard in Newcastle Upon Tyne. In ten months, and for less than £5,000, I took it from clay model a to stained-glassed, mosaiced den place to drink a Guiness whilst foxes run in the garden.

A sod-covered found-wood playhouse in a woody British backyard

Come along with me and experience the tale of the time J0_M0 decided to build his kids a log playhouse in the English countryside, using only found wood and purchasing only a bag of nails.