How do you keep up communication in a relationship when you hardly see each other?

Describing my relationship as "night and day" takes on a more literal tone when I am awake during the day and sleep at night while my fiance works overnight and sleeps during the day. It could seem that our communication could struggle in a relationship like this, but the truth is we maintain very open communication with each other; we just have to utilize methods available to us. So how do we "make it work" as the fabulous Tim Gunn is known to say? Technology!


On the virtues of the comfy sweater, or: How sometimes old, green, and baggy is just right

Ah, the comfy sweater. You all have one, whether you want to admit it or not. Occasionally you think about donating it, but you just can't do it. Maybe it's like mine — old, green, at least two sizes too big, and shapeless as a potato sack. It might not be a sweater at all; it could be sweatpants, a hopelessly faded t-shirt, or jeans so old and worn it's like they were molded for your ass. I think it's time we celebrated this much-maligned garment.


Relationship hacks for communicating under stress

Fighting sucks, especially when it's with someone you love. All you want is for the dishes to be rinsed before they're put in the dishwasher and the next thing you know, both of you are saying hurtful things. How can you have conflict without being hurtful? How can you build your own hacks?