7 picks perfect for tiny spaces from Design Public

I took a little stroll through Design Public this week to pick out a few high-design items for ogling. They have SO MUCH cute junk, and some especially great pieces for the space-crunched.

I picked out some artsy odds and ends, fun seating, great rugs, privacy ideas, and ways to organize that look pretty while they work. Let's shop!

Where do you draw the line when blogging about your family?

Cat recently wrote a fascinating piece on Offbeat Home called My door is open: why I'm pretty public online about my home. In it she discusses the transparency with which she blogs about where she lives and what she does. Cat's digital reach in the home-focused community is pretty far — she runs two websites (the other being Hipster Housewife) about homes, and tweets many, many details about her life every single day. In fact, within another month or so I might have her whole TV schedule worked out. (I KID! Kind of.)


My door is open: why I'm pretty public online about my home

Rockethaus is pretty public. I run two blogs dealing specifically with homes, I tweet pretty much all the time, and I am also a normal Young Professional living in America. A LOT of my life happens online, publicly, where other people have access to it, even people I don't know terribly well. We talk about parties, problems, events, and projects, and we do a lot of it completely in the open. My mom would argue that it's dangerous for people to know where I live and what my habits are, but I prefer to think it's part of community building.

Stop letting your kid's freedom of speech be taken away

As parents, I think we should teach our kids all due caution, but there should be outrage here, too. Outrage that their childhoods — their ability to make bad choices and act stupid and be young — is actively being taken from them. Our kids have to live in constant fear and under a constant scrutiny that no other generation has suffered beneath (and no generation should) to the point that, even in their youth they must act with either the constant maturity of adults, or at least under a constant curtain of paranoia.

How do you feel about being Facebook friends with kids?

My first encounter with kids on Facebook happened a year ago when one of the boys in my daughter’s class sent me a “friend” request on Facebook. He was nine years old. I’m Facebook “friends” with one of his dads, so I accepted the request. This has me wondering: do you think it's ok to be friends with a minor on Facebook?