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Got a princess in the house? Here’s how you can make a felt and tulle princess hat

I am the mother of a (surprisingly, at least to me) very girly-girl, and I have very reluctantly entered the sparkly, pink, flowery world of princesses and twirly skirts and all other such fancy things. Since this seems to be all that my wee girl thinks about these days, I’m just going with it, trying to also emphasize the importance of independence, smarts, strength, and a good old-fashioned mess. While it’s far from my everyday, fancy is quite fun! So I’m letting my sweet one guide me on this sparkly adventure.

The magic of childhood is kind of totally freaky

Why do we insist on scaring the living daylights out of our children with the Magic of Childhood? It’s no wonder they’re all in a hurry to grow up. You would be too, if every time a milestone or major holiday came around it was marked by somebody sneaking into your home or bedroom at night, and either leaving something behind or taking a body part of yours.

My 5-year-old cut off my hair and learned about what beauty really is

My daughter, Olivia, came home from her preschool and announced she needed to have long hair to be “pretty” and it wouldn’t hurt if I could put her in a dress for school. Initially I didn’t think much of that comment, but it bothered me. So I shaved my head to show her that prettiness wasn’t about long hair.

Are dolls appropriate for one-year-olds?

My baby is about to turn one and I’ve been looking online at lists of age-appropriate toys. Simple puzzles, shape-sorter toys, stacking toys, etc, all sound great — but dolls are also on the list. I’m not sure how I feel about that. She’s so young!

My Princess Boy

Given all the national media attention last week for Sarah’s post about her son dressing up as Daphne, I thought now might be a great time to share the story of a Seattle mother named Cheryl Kilodavis, whose son Dyson likes to dress up as a girl … more than just for Halloween.

On Freaks And Geeks And Princesses, And Why Lady Gaga Is More Like Jesus Than You Think

“…I do believe that children’s whimsy should be encouraged … and that any child who expresses the desire to march bravely forward into the world with her heart and imagination on her sleeve … should be supported in that desire.”

Can we change princess culture?

Can we re-message and re-package what “princess” means and looks like in a way that makes princess life empowering and not merely about external appearance, wealth, and netting a hot young prince?

20 kid-lit books off the beaten path

Not all kids books are created equal. Kids aren’t stupid – they’re just, well, young. They need good literature too!