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Letter to the Fashion Industry

Dear fashion industry: show us diverse bodies

Dear fashion industry,

I know you’re shocked to receive a letter from me. According to you, plus size people like me don’t even exist!

Plus size workout clothes that are plus cool

I’d love some help finding plus size exercise clothes that aren’t the same old Boring Black Basics.

I go to the gym and I’m in a roller derby league, and I’d prefer to have something a bit more fun to wear! My shoes and skates are colourful, my headband has a funky pattern, and my yoga mat is adorable… but the only clothing options I’ve found in my size seem to be really bland. Thanks!

Plus size lingerie for sexytimes all the time

“Do you have any fashion advice for larger people when it comes to lingerie? I’m pretty stumped. Not only do I have trouble finding something sexy that fits and doesn’t look matronly, but I also need some advice on how to finally feel confident enough to actually wear it in front of someone.”