Why I got my tubes tied before I turned 30

When I first broached the subject of permanent, non-hormonal birth control with my gynecologist, I wasn't even considering a tubal ligation. I had originally been trying to decide between the copper IUD and Essure. IUDs (intrauterine devices) are not permanent, but they do last a while. Essure (spring devices that are implanted in your fallopian tubes) is a fairly new procedure that can be performed in your gyno's office but is permanent. I was leaning toward Essure because it was permanent and would only cost an office co-pay until this happened: "If I were you, I would just get my tubes tied."

My OB is pushing a lot of scans for my low-risk pregnancy: how do I stand up for myself?

I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first child. So far, everything looks good, and I am considered to be low-risk. My question is about how to say no to my OB. For various reasons, a midwife was not a good option for us. We chose an OB who has a great reputation for low-intervention deliveries and for respecting mothers' wishes. I don't agree with the over-medicalization of pregnancy, so I thought we were on the same page.