Eavesdropping: one of the many joys of city living

Our condo faces onto a courtyard, and when the windows are open there’s definitely a little Melrose Place action that happens. We hear neighbors coming and going, having sex, spanking each other, etc. It’s always entertaining.

We can also hear the callbox at the front gate. Monday night, this is what Dre and I heard, as we sat on the couch staring each other silently with wide eyes that said, “Don’t start laughing! They’ll hear you!”

Clean out the books you don’t want in stranger-interactive ways

Sometimes when you’re a Reader, books get… overwhelming. They start to take up every end table, the back of every toilet, the dining room table top. You might be ready to part with your books — but only for an appreciative soul.

A design company in Dogpatch gives the neighborhood something to stand behind with their new emblem

What if all our neighborhoods had not just NAMES, but also IMAGES? Flags, patches, shirts. We’d be like The Warriors and shit!

San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood is kicking us off. Let’s go!

Our corner has noisy, dangerous traffic. What can I do to change it?

The tl;dr version: I live on a dangerous noisy corner and I want to change that. I’m really hoping you guys can help me find a solution.

Guerrilla art: neighborhood beautification without the blech

Have you thought about yarn bombing your neighborhood playground? Is there a building on your street that needs aesthetic help? Use this street art inspiration to plan a happening.

We want to move into an up-and-coming neighborhood, but our family’s putting us off!

I need to convince my family that living downtown doesn’t mean raising our kids in a crack den!