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Drive along on a foodie-fueled vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota

A marriage quest that we have decided to embark on is to visit as many National Parks as we can over the course of our marriage. We thought, “Why not start in our own state?” Yes, why not. We drove across the great state of South Dakota to the Black Hills.

Eight of us traveled through six states, for 21 days, in a small RV… because I still can

When I first recognized that my health was progressing into disability, and that I would not be able to ride a camel in Egypt or climb the stairs of Santorini again, I bought a cheap travel trailer off Craigslist and went on a whirlwind tour of six states with my seven kids.

Sarah and Nathan’s wild weather, Yellowstone to Glacier National Park roadtrip

We drove to Yellowstone National Park, then onto Glacier National Park — originally planning on going into Canada and Waterton Lakes, but alas, we forgot our passports! We planned on camping the whole time, possibly even doing an overnight backpacking trail, but the weather did NOT cooperate with us.

A three-day road trip and hiking getaway in Yosemite

We took a road trip up to Yosemite National Park from where our wedding was held in Temecula (Southern California). I won a three-night stay at the Redwood Cabins in the southern tip of the park at an auction for one of my firm’s nonprofit clients, and it ended up being just what we needed.

Why I ditched the “American dream” and became a Park Ranger

I took my responsibility as a father and husband seriously, and I was so focused on making sure that the life I gave my family was better than the one I had growing up that I lost sight of something extremely important… Myself. So I abandoned the “American dream” once I got inspired to live MY dream. And it was all for one simple reason…