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Spinning BB-8 heels tutorial

May the Fourth be with these spinning BB-8 heels (with a tutorial!)

It’s that time of the galactic year again: May the Fourth be with you! Sure, you’re probably already inundated with merch from the new Star Wars rebooted universe, but this DIY tutorial HAD to be shared. Why? Because it’s for spinning BB-8 heels. Seriously, the heels are BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and they SPIN.

MoviePass changes

MoviePass users: are the new service changes driving you away?

Are you a fellow MoviePass user like I am? For a big movie-goer like myself, it started out as the almost too-good-to-be-true movie deal: see up to 30 movies per month (once per day with no repeats) for a low monthly fee. Like, really low, between $6.95 and $9.95 depending on the plan. I see about 6-8 movies per month on average, so for me, this is a solid deal. But recent changes are making me nervous about its future…

CherryPicks, a woman-centric Rotten Tomatoes competitor, is trying to make a difference in film criticism

CherryPicks, a Rotten Tomatoes competitor, is trying to amplify female voices in film criticism

This year’s SXSW film festival revealed a new entrant into the film criticism portal sphere, CherryPicks, a film criticism site founded by filmmaker Miranda Bailey with a goal of putting a spotlight on the voices of women and minority film critics. Will it help?

Tom Hanks will be playing Mr. Rogers in a biopic and my heart is going to EXPLODE

Many years ago, I remember my mother telling me how obsessed I had been with Mr. Rogers as a kid. Full-on, glued to the screen obsessed. The whole point of this zeitgeist is that our other pop culture hero Tom Hanks will be starring in a Mr. Rogers biopic based on You Are My Friend, an article published in Esquire 20 years ago by his friend and journalist Tom Junod. I read it and immediately starting feeling all the FEELS. This movie is going to kill me. And my entire generation.

We admitted the weirdest holiday movies, specials, and episodes we MUST watch every year

We admitted the weirdest (& best!) holiday movies, specials, and episodes we watch every year

The staff here got to talking about holiday movies and it got… weird. I decided to round up some of the more interesting ones (and some of the BEST overlooked ones) that we simply have to watch each year around the holidays.

Sure, we’re all watching Elf, but what are we watching secretly in our beds with the cats and the rest of the advent calendar?

Harry Potter gifts to compensate for not getting your owl AGAIN this year

It can be challenging to find the right gifts for your family. But if they’re Potterphiles? Then it gets super-duper easy. We may all be Muggles sitting around at our day jobs, but at night, yer a wizard, ‘arry. I’m a what?

Let’s shop for baby mandrakes, Cars Against Potter, Hogwarts travel posters, “Boo, you whorecrux” mugs, and all things Potter….

The Force is strong with these party food ideas for your Last Jedi party

The Force is strong with these party food ideas for your Last Jedi party

Join me on the Dark Side to nosh on these Last Jedi party recipes for the premiere THIS WEEK! We’ll finally be released from our carbonite to see the next movie in the reboot franchise, The Last Jedi. Are you excited, young padawans?! I am, both for the movie and for this roundup of geektastic Star Wars recipes.

Let’s start planning the shopping list for all kinds of junk (and maybe not-so-junky) food to make a bunch of nerdy Star Wars recipes like Leia buns, blue milkshakes, and Wookiee cookies…

The best breakup movies to sooth your broken heart

The best breakup movies to soothe your broken heart (or stoke your rage)

When you’re reeling from a recent breakup, sometimes you just need some quality time with your favorite (or new-to-you!) breakup movies. You can feel all the feels with a sad romance, get empowered to find your fresh start, or get your rage on with a good revenge fantasy. Whatever your aim, there’s a movie to quench the thirst.

Grab some gelato and peruse our huge list of movies to soothe your poor hurt heart…