There are some people who think offbeat homes and lifestyles don’t exist in the fly-over states. These people are delusional. Behold! Our favorite homes, stores, and Homies from the midwest.

A punk-bohemian curl-up-and-read rental in Lawrence, Kansas

Alexa, Sean, Max the cat, and an unborn child of an unknown gender live in a one-bedroom in Lawrence, Kansas, one of the Midwest’s secret bastions of art.

Ken and Dani’s loft: quirky-chic with a dash of nerd

I invaded another home: Dani’s a designer/crafter/trash-TV fan, and Ken’s a zen taxman. Come in and see what “quirky chic” is.

Rachel and Jared’s three bedroom art collection in a college neighborhood

I invaded Rachel’s house and gave myself a tour. When I showed up I sort of said, “How ’bout I just take photos and we’ll see where this goes?”

It went awesome. You’ll love it here.

An antique-filled Midwest bungalow for four

Lindsay and Matt share their tidy retro home with two dogs in Oklahoma.

A potter/truck driver’s deep-heartland, renovated retro geodesic dome

Ever driven past a geodesic dome house and wondered what it’s like to live there? Becky can tell you: it’s hard to figure out where to put the furniture.

Colleen and Sam’s completely renovated modern little Minneapolis house

This house was one of those boarded up sad-and-lonelies. When Colleen and Sam swooped in, they had a total rehab ahead of them. Good thing the house turned out so peacefully lovely!