I'm grieving for the kids that we now can't have. How do I cope?

We've discovered that my mental health isn't anywhere near as stable as I thought it was. And we had to make the difficult decision to stop trying to get pregnant. I know that this is the right choice to make, for my sanity if nothing else. But I feel like I'm grieving for the life we planned, and the kids that won't be a part of it. Any advice?


How my silicone wedding ring represents marriage as a whole

After being diagnosed and struggling with Bipolar Disorder, I thanked my husband for all he had done, and I gave him a new wedding ring.

This one is silicone, and I have one to match. I still have my original gold wedding band, but my silicone ring now seems so much more of a real representation of marriage to me…


What an overstimulated mom, empathetic toddler, and the Care Bears have it common

I get overstimulated easily. It sucks, but it's not the worst thing in the world. Usually I just need to take breaks from whatever we're doing and have some quiet time, then I can return refreshed and ready to tolerate some more chaos. Sometime though, I get stimulated past my breaking point and I freak out. The big freakouts luckily only happen a few times a year, but I had one recently.