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How grown-ups make new friends: handing out coupons

Making friends as adults is WEIRD. I actually had a conversation with Megan about it a few weeks back.

The Saminal has a solution…

How do you meet people in a new city when you’re shy?

I’m moving soon, and for the first time I won’t have the built-in community of school. How can I meet people in my new town, even if I’m shy?

10 tips on moving to a new country and being happy there

You know how most of the time people write tip lists it’s like nine things that are so obvious anyone could write the list, and then one maybe-useful idea? Katie’s list of ways to ease international moves is not that type of list. It’s like years of experience compacted down for the newbie.

How do you get to know your neighbors without seeming like a weirdo?

It’s a little sad to move out of an apartment realizing that you never learned the names of your neighbors. What schemes can we concoct to make the neighborhood friendlier?

Finding offbeat mama friends: a follow up!

Finding Offbeat Mama friends is a challenge for many of us, including me, so I’ve taken to the digital streets and am putting myself out there. We’ll see what happens!

How do you find offbeat parent friends?

Once you’re well into adulthood, how do you find your people? Stephanie and I will both take a stab at answering, and then we’d love to hear from Offbeat Mamas themselves about how they do it!