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Makeup basics from a makeup artist: 7 tips for acne prone skin

Whether you are suffering from teenage acne or if you are like me, and you are having “adult” acne, it sucks. That said, with proper care, product and makeup technique you really can lessen the impact of acne. Here then are some tips on skincare and makeup for breakout prone skin.

Makeup basics from a makeup artist: When to throw away makeup

Yes, that is a trash bag filled with makeup. Why would I commit such an atrocity? Because it was time. Sadly, all good things come to an end and for a lot of the makeup now residing in that trash bag, their end actually came and went a while ago yet I was still holding on. It can be difficult to purge old makeup, but purge I did and purge you must. There comes a time when you have to let go, and here’s why and how…

Makeup basics from a makeup artist: 5 ways to prep for fall

Makeup-wise, fall is a time of transition between the easy breezy days of summer and the deeper tones of winter. It is also likely that you’ll need to start tweaking your skincare routine a bit. Here are a few things I am loving going into fall…

Makeup basics from a makeup artist: the 6 best sunscreens that you should definitely be using

We all know we’re supposed to wear sunscreen, but do we? In parts of the country where it’s not as constantly sunshiny as my home in California, it’s easy to think you don’t need it until summer rolls around. Well, study after study says that we do. Now is the time to develop the habit of wearing sunscreen regularly. Here are some of my fave sunscreens as well as some interesting newcomers…

Makeup basics from a makeup artist: The top 10 mascaras (both new and classic)

Without. A. Doubt. the number one product I am asked about is mascara. All the folks who ask about it — laypersons and fellow makeup artists alike — seem to be on the eternal quest for the perfect mascara. All I can do is offer my advice as someone who — because of my work as a makeup artist — has tried a lot of different mascara on a lot of different eyes. In no particular order, here are the top 10 best mascaras…

Feel like a spellbinding witch queen with Rituel de Fille makeup

Rituel de Fille is a make-up brand founded by three sisters who were inspired by the magical side of natural ingredients, and the ritualistic, ceremonial power of pigment. If that evokes the image of three Macbethian witches, you are not far off: this make-up is perfect for bringing out your inner witch queen, no matter who you are.

How to make nearly-free, DIY blotting papers in less than 1 minute

The blotting papers you see for sale are often made from rice paper, but this DIY version is next-to free, and works pretty well! Theoretically, you could make these any colour or shape you like, which makes it way more fun.

Eyebrows are cool: My easy tinting makeup routine for the lazy

I don’t wear makeup. While I’m comfortable with my make-up-less face, the one small complaint that I do have about it is that I seem to have no eyebrows or eyelashes. This is one of the curses of the natural blonde. A few months before I got married, I decided that I wanted to have eyebrows in my wedding photos, and one of my friends told me that I HAD to get my eyebrows tinted. I initially laughed at the suggestion. I’ve never even dyed my hair, so it seemed like quite a big leap for me. But I decided to at least give it a shot.