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These book purses are actual BOOK bags that will tickle your bibliophile senses

These literary purses are actual BOOK bags for bibliophiles

I stumbled upon these literary purses and instantly wanted ALL OF THEM. Carry around my Harry Potters in a Harry Potter book bag? Hell yes I will. Etsy seller Krukru Studio Books has tons to choose from, too. Think Anna Karenina, the works of Jane Austen, The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and so many more.

The most romantic Lord of the Rings tour of New Zealand you’ll see today

We decided to go to New Zealand, partially as this was Matt’s first trip overseas (and New Zealand is one of Australia’s closest neighbours), partially due to The Lord of the Rings. And finally we chose New Zealand because we wanted to try to keep the costs down, while having as much luxury as we could afford.

Lord of the Rings cable reel table

Cheryl Hellcat’s grandpa turned a cable reel into a table. Then Cheryl turned the the cable reel table into a Lord of the Ring fan’s dream piece of furniture.