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Absolutely everything we own is in our car: Our life living in an RV full-time

My husband and I hit the road about three weeks ago to live full-time in an RV. Our plan is to travel around the Western U.S. (and a bit of Canada) for the next year. We are pumped! So we bought our RV from Craigslist. It is a 1989 Minnie Winnie, Class C style (meaning it has a bed over the cab), 26′ long. Her name is Daisy.

3 reasons guinea pigs are the perfect offbeat apartment pets

I’ve had all kinds of pets over the years — from cats, to goldfish, and everything in between. No matter how many other animals I’ve loved since then, I’ve always come back to guinea pigs. They’re a little more interesting than your run-of-the-mill hamster (in my humble opinion), and have a hell of a lot of personality. Best of all, they make a great addition to apartments or rental homes where it might not be feasible to adopt non-caged pets like dogs or cats.

Here’s why…

How do you have adult time when living in a small space with a kid?

My partner and I just moved into a 600-square-foot cottage with our one-year-old. Although there’s technically a separate bedroom, the wall doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling. So it may as we’ll be a studio for sound purposes. Is there a magic equation for living in a small space with a kid? Will we ever have sex again? And what can I do when I just really, really need some personal space?

I need realistic advice about living off the grid in small structures

I’ve always had the dream of moving around place to place in my own nomadic shelter.

This small-but-edgy loft demonstrates how to decorate a small space with a lot of character

We can all take a few decorating lesson from this small-but-edgy 610-square-foot loft in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo. Let’s all check it out and learn how to decorate a small space with a lot of character.

Ariel’s whirling rainbow dream… after the remodel

Last fall, I wrote about how I was remodeling my one-bedroom condo to better accommodate my three-person family. Well, six months later, I am here to report back with our-post remodel home tour… it’s six months later because the 6-8 week remodel turned into four months of my family drifting around and couch surfing. We just moved back in a month ago.

How to host a large dinner party in a small space

Last November I threw a potluck Friendsgiving. What made it a little tricky (and very nerve-wracking up until) is that I share a one-bedroom apartment with a platonic friend where I live in the living room. I was worried that we wouldn’t fit, or that we wouldn’t be comfortable, or that the pole would get in the way, etc. Here’s how I made it work…

The tiny, colorful studio apartment, that taught me a lot about who I am

Before moving here, I was living in a larger studio with my husband, but moving into this place alone I had to be even more choosy about what came with and what did not. This home has taught me a lot about who I am. I had been in a very codependent relationship, so it had been a long time since I had only needed to worry about myself. Being able to express myself through my space was instrumental in my journey to finding my own identity after I left.