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Has anyone changed their first name?

I’m starting to research name changes and it’s very overwhelming and now I’m wondering if it’s even worth it for just the one letter. Can I continue the rest of my life as Jennifer legally and Gennifer personally/professionally? Anyone else change their first names? How’d the process go for you?

Who gets your benefits, your artwork, or your cat? The basics to making your estate plan, part 2

Before you start to make your plan, there are several considerations you should take before you set everything in writing. We talked about part one of making your estate plan, but don’t let your eyes glaze over yet! This shit is really important, and we’ve still got to talk about the rest of it…

Who gets your money, your vinyl collection, or your blog? The basics to making your estate plan, part 1

With some basic planning, you can provide for your loved ones in the worst case scenario. “Estate planning,” an umbrella term, can help you direct exactly what happens with you, your loved ones, your money, and your things in the event of your incapacity or death. Usually people think that an estate plan requires an attorney and a lot of money. While an attorney will be able to give you comprehensive advice and documents unique to you and your situation, it need not be expensive. And you do not necessarily need an attorney for many of the documents that can help in tough situations. Here’s how…

OMG, Life Insurance WTF?

In my work as an attorney, I find that more than 80% of my clients have life insurance but few understand how it actually works. So here are the Life Insurance basics…

Wills and Trusts: What are your plans?

Call me morbid, but since age six, I’ve had a living will or last will and testament of sorts. I’ve changed it over the years (pretty sure Husband wouldn’t want my Moondancer My Little Pony and would instead want to know what to do with my 401k), and now know to make it a legally binding document. I am by no means a legal expert, but here are points I’ve deemed as important to include in my will…

How to deal with Evil Property Management companies

Housing in our home town is notoriously shitty (truly affordable housing is actually non-existent) because it’s a college town and the property management companies think that college kids are young, don’t know their rights, and are too busy and too poor to do anything about the way they’re treated anyway. Mostly the management companies are right. But through hellish personal experience, I have learned tips and tricks in dealing with Evil Property Management companies (EPMs), especially as a young person. All of my experience comes from renting in California, so things might be different where you are.

The 5 things to know before you let that cop into your house

What do you do when you look through the peephole and see a badge? Save yourself a headache and learn the best course of action when cops knock on the door.