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Laundry tips and tricks for pitted out shirts

I’ve been wearing some of my favorite basic cotton tops regularly for a few seasons. Overall they’re in great shape, no holes or stains, but they’re starting to get a little funky, and not in the Disco Stu kind of way. The problem is that they fit so close under my arm pits that they’re becoming discolored and musky. I’ve tried cleaning the area with vinegar and stain removers, but it hasn’t taken away the smell. Do my fellow Homies have any laundry tips and tricks dedicated to the pits?

Turn a baby gate into a laundry drying rack

Over on Home Talk, blogger Erica showed off her great idea for a DIY wall-mounted clothes drying rack…

Baskets moment: Use pillowcases to keep sheet sets together!

This is such a simple silly tiny thing but it has made me so unreasonably happy that I thought I would share it, in case there is anyone else out there who doesn’t have all of their sheets perfectly folded and organised. There must be someone, right?

Beyond the chair-pile: What do you do with not-quite dirty clothes?

I wear my clothes multiple times between laundrings, but between the Sunday school t-shirt I wear one morning a week, my don’t-have-to-be-perfect-after-work-running-errands clothes, and that work dress that I can wear again, before I know it I have a semi-clean-clothes monster piled in a chair! What systems — physical or mental — have YOU come up with for managing semi-clean clothes?

Line dry your clothes indoors and in small spaces

Transform even tight spaces into your indoor home line-drying laundry system using Einspine’s Drawing Line. This system by designer Russ Hornstein is currently on sale for $12 over on Uncommon Goods, but it could totally be recreated on your own by collecting everything you need to make this yourself.

Make a filing cabinet for your laundry

Our two-adult-one-child household produces a crap-ton of laundry that drove me absolutely insane; there was always a pile in every room, and an absolute mountain of it right there beside our glorious washer and dryer. So, thanks to Pinterest, I got creative.

Let’s talk about what washing machine to buy

We had an older washer break, and apparently it is not something Miss Fix-it here can fix. Being as it is an older washer and repairing may be an endless pit, we have decided to replace it. Does anyone have a washer they’d recommend? Has anyone ever purchased a refurbished appliance, and how did that work out?

Doing your laundry with a Japanese Hillbilly twist

You know, our grand-parents and great grandparents didn’t necessarily have high efficiency washers and dryers. They had time, the sun, the wind, and Borax. So, taking a few pages from their books, I came up with my brilliant new laundry plan that, believe it or not, will only end up costing me $30 a year.