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How to moth-proof your yarn collection AND kept it pretty

My yarn stash was sitting in wicker baskets or boxes on the floor. Why not just lay out a moth banquet? So, I decided to see this is an opportunity to re-do the “knitting corner” in my living room.

So here some of my anti moths in yarn techniques…

A picnic basket turns into a handy-dandy all-in-one craft station

I found a new-old picnic basket for $3.98 while out thrifting. A little work and now I have a craft center I can pack up and put away at a moment’s notice — and it looks cute both open and stored away!

Join the urban knitting movement and brighten your neighborhood with plant pockets

Having fallen in love with urban knitting, I wanted to follow up my previous adventures with a project my husband and I can work on together. I’m no master knitter, but the world needs more tiny gardens.

Guerrilla art: neighborhood beautification without the blech

Have you thought about yarn bombing your neighborhood playground? Is there a building on your street that needs aesthetic help? Use this street art inspiration to plan a happening.