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Find out how much of the eclipse you'll see from your ZIP code

Find out how much of the eclipse you’ll see from your ZIP code

You know about the big upcoming solar eclipse happening on Monday, August 21 (dubbed “the Great American Eclipse”) that will span the US? Everyone across the United States will be able to see the sun disappear behind the moon in some form. This time around, only those within the epically-named “path of totality,” from Oregon to South Carolina, will be able to witness the eclipse in full. But most of us will be able to see some part of it. That’s where this tool comes in…

Yurt + Dome = My life in a yome

My 16-month-old daughter and I live on an herb farm (no, not that kind of herb farm, though we are in Northern California). I am a farm hand here, and in exchange for a certain amount of hours a week working the land, we get to live here and breathe the fresh air, learn about herbs, and watch everything bloom.

We live in a yome here. Yep, a yome — it’s a cross between a yurt and a geodesic dome. And wait until you see the triangular windows…

Wait until you see what’s inside this missile silo. Hint: they have drum circle.

Ed and Diana Peden bought their very own missile silo outside Topeka, Kansas in the 1980s. At the time it was twenty years decommissioned and filled with water and sludge, but the couple couldn’t pass up the 18,000 square feet spread out on 13 floors underground.

How we created a co-sleeping minimalist hippy bedroom!

How on earth can you create a minimalist bedroom with hippy decorating tendencies? Especially when you happen to be a family of co-sleepers who resides in a 100+ year-old cottage.

I know. You’ve probably wondered this question A THOUSAND TIMES. Wonder no longer, dearest. I’m here and I’m happy to help!

The HippieShack2000™: the most amazing place I ever lived

Six months of living in an industrial loft in 1999 soured me so deeply on everything urban, I fled the city completely and moved an hour south of Seattle to Olympia, WA. This is in commemoration of the amazing house we rented.

Communes: the pros & cons of intentional community

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a commune? Well, let my mom tell you ALL about it.

Ariel’s urban warm whirling rainbow dream castle/condo

Our home has this weird mix of very urban (condo! modern stuff! bright colors!) and very granola (wood! prayer flags! plants!). And then there’s the part where my son sleeps in a closet…