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I can move anywhere! Where should I move that's affordable and full of nature?

I can move anywhere! Where should I move that’s affordable and full of nature?

Any advice or resources for choosing a place to live for another Californian being priced out of her area? I feel like I’m ready for a change of scenery. I need a place with an affordable cost of living, and I’d really prefer a place that has lots of trees and hiking options, and isn’t filled with Trump supporters.

Does such a place exist?

The perfect classroom for a child is a hiking trail

Hiking is so much more than just walking around in nature with a hiking stick, a back pack, and some provisions. It can be a way of escape, it can be a time of meditation, it can be challenging, it can be educating, it can be down right frustrating. For us… it’s all of the above.

How taking daily mini-hikes helps me deal with The Baby Stuff

One day, after they had been sitting next to the back door for nearly six months without being used, I felt like my hiking boots were… looking at me. With an expression. I looked back at them and thought about all the reasons why not. My boots stayed where they were, and I made heartfelt explanations as to why I felt we couldn’t be together.

Kids in the Woods will help get the whole family out into nature

Shannon’s got some pretty amazing life experiences to pull on — she grew up in Alaska and flew Apaches in the first crop of women attack helicopter pilots. She’s scuba dived on three continents, sky dived on two, and climbed the highest mountains on the North American and African continents. This is all to say, homegirl knows her outdoor time, and Kids in the Woods is a great way to soak up some of those smarts.

What kind of hiking carrier should we use for our infant?

Rachael and her partner love hiking but have NO CLUE what to pack their baby in while they’re doing so. What do you use?

Tips for your first backpacking trip with a baby

Elka and her husband recently made it through their first backpacking trip with baby Uli, and she’s compiled a list of tips and tricks for fellow backpacking and parenting enthusiasts.

Family of six hikes 93-mile Wonderland Trail

This summer, Ben and Kami Crawford decided to go for a little family hike … “little” meaning 93 miles around Mount Rainier’s Wonderland Trail in Washington. They made the trek with their four kids — ages 2, 4, 6 and 8 — in a total of 12 days, going up and down 22,000 feet of […]