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An ode to edamame: my homegrown, protein-rich popcorn replacement

I do not care what you say; the BEST snack food in the world is edamame. Green, healthy, savory, salty — steamed soybeans have the popability of potato chips, and it’s so easy to drop a ton of money on frozen packs of them at the grocery.

Growing my own edamame not only broke free of the frozen food aisle, but inspired a consuming love for these tiny green beans and all their furry hardiness.

You can afford better food: 10+ ways to get more out of your grocery budget

Let’s start with this: I am NOT a picky eater, but I’m choosy about my food. I haven’t always been this way: when I first lived on my own, life was full of Pizza Hut and mac and cheese and ramen noodles and nary a vegetable in sight. I thought spending 50 cents on green onions was a splurge.

The first changes in my adult eating habits happened when I read Micheal Pollan’s rules for eating. That link is a LONG article, and well worth the read, but I’ll summarize: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. And don’t eat food with more than five ingredients. He goes on to say that if you’re confused, you should stick to foods your grandmother would recognize. That’s pretty simplistic. In real terms, how do you get there?

Hearty, healthy, filling, and fresh: Vegetarian gyros stuffed with smashed potatoes and feta

I was looking for something healthy to make last weekend and consulted my Archive of Bookmarks (it’s getting out of control). I found Shutterbean’s Potato Feta Gyros and headed out the door to get ingredients!

These were really yummy. Hearty, healthy, filling, and fresh. My partner loved them too (he’s never the first to admit how much he loves a vegetarian meal).

Covert cooking: how do I sneak healthy food into my family’s diet?

How can I stealthily convert my husband’s diet and my teenaged picky sister’s diet to get them to eat healthy without knowing. You know… baby steps. AND! what are some good whole food protein substitutes aside from tofu?