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Yes, you CAN grow orchids

Whenever I mention my orchids to people, even plant-lovers like me, they almost always say, “oh, I can’t grow orchids.” But you can! Orchids are just plants, and like all plants, they need light, water, and a little attention.

Gardening at night: make the most of your time with a nocturnal workplan

I don’t have a ton of time to garden. At least in the daylight hours. If it’s light outside and I’ve finished all my indoors/schedule-dependent tasks, other stuff comes first: mowing the lawn. Cleaning out the garage. Important repairs.

And then I saw Susie Bauer’s post, in which she shares her own revelation: NIGHT GARDENING.

You already have a green thumb, or: how to grow houseplants

When people come over to the house, they usually compliment me on my green thumb, but here’s the secret: There is no such thing as a green thumb. Or, if there is, you already have one.

8 ways gardening is harder than pregnancy

It came to me after we found a power tiller in our shed, declared it not functional after more blood shed than I care to admit, and found myself tilling the garden with an ax: Gardening is a lot like pregnancy. But harder.

Container gardening part deux: Beyond thunderdome

Container gardeners, SOUND OFF! What’s going on with the container garden of your dreams? I have a couple extra ideas to help make it great.

How to grow your own mushrooms for fun, deliciousness, and protein

I started out as a mycophobe, picking mushrooms off pizza and turning up my nose at cream of mushroom soup. But once I started growing my own I discovered a wide world of delicious flavors.

Container gardening for the space-impaired — it’s so simple, you’ll cry over your first tomato

Grow your own food this summer — even if you don’t have a backyard to till up. With even the smallest well-lit space you can use this post as a jumping-off point and garden LIKE A BOSS.