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Go paperless at home: 7 ideas for less clutter, less stress, and more free mindspace

So much paper comes into my house that I just don’t care about. Bills that don’t change month-to-month but that I should keep for my records, receipts, healthcare info, manuals — it’s all stuff I don’t WANT but I need to keep, just in case. Sound familiar? In an effort to make all our lives less cluttered, here are seven ways to get after a paperless house.

How to find your dining room table under that pile of mail

I was wondering if y’all have any suggestions for dealing with like mail/bills/tax information/etc.

Right now, I tend to just throw it on top of (what used to be) a dining room table, but it has gotten to the point where it is just too much. Halp?

I am a genius and I invented a new filing system

The problem with inboxes is that they don’t DO anything except collect everything I need to look at and deal with. They are a stall. I still have to look at every Thing in them at least one more time, touch it, and decide what to do with it. (See figure 1.)

But a few weeks ago I had a stroke of genius. My inbox fills up as it gathers all my “to dos” from throughout the house — event insurance bills to pay, checks to deposit into three different accounts, doodles I don’t want to lose, invitations I need to respond to…I think there’s a Chuck Klostermannarf book I’ve assigned myself to read for “work” sitting near the top right now.